Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!

I hope you enjoy yourself and have fun!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Baking :)

Last night I watched Julie and Julia. Great movie. While watching it I was inspired. Though I would never do what the character in the book did, mainly because although I can cook, pretty well as long as I have the recipe, I still freak out when I have more than two things going at the same time. I did decide I wanted to bake a bunch of cookies, plus pretzels.

My plan was to get up at 10:30, start my laundry and start baking...
Too bad I woke up at 8:30 and our power was out! Expected time to come back on was 11 so I went back to bed. At 11 it still wasn't on. New time was 1. So I stayed in bed since I couldn't bake and it was getting increasingly colder in our apartment and my bed was warm. By 12:30 I couldn't stay in bed anymore, so I decided to play Sims....which ended up dying an hour later :( At 1:30 the time our power was expected to be on was 3... so I called my friend Kaitlyn to let her know she didn't have to bring the two things I had asked her to bring me so I could bake a pumpkin pie.
She offered to come get me since I was cold. She also bought me white castle since I hadn't eaten because we had nothing in the house that didn't need cooking.
Around 5 Kaitlyn's power went out... My friend Ed had power so I hoped I had my power back. So she drove me home. We STILL didn't have power. So my mom and I were going to stay over at her boyfriend's mom's house since they had power. We went out to dinner first, since we couldn't cook. At 6:30 our power was FINALLY back on.

So then I started baking.
First I made my pretzels. Turned out GREAT!

Next I made snowball cookies. They taste good, but they don't look very good :( Next time I'm going to wait longer to cover with powered sugar. The recipe said to wait a minute, but they kept falling apart :(

For tomorrow I'm making pecan pie bars, pumpkin pie, chocolate chips cookies, peanut butter cookies, peanut blossoms (peanut butter cookies with a Hersey kiss in the middle) and snickerdoodles :) I have a mess to clean up

I should probably get cleaning!

And now for a secret:


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Suddenly things are going my way...

Housing denied me. Last night was a very bad night for me. I have not cried that long, that hard in a very long time. Course I probably should have read the rest of the email before bursting into tears but that on top of everything that had happened the night/morning before just....yeah.

They suggest I try the CAP program, which oddly enough I tried to do the first time around! Stupid starbucks. Anyways, I have to call the manager of the Eateries. I suppose if they deny me as well then I'll appeal, but seeing how I actually want to stay here, let's hope they still have spots left....hopefully at the smoothie place cause I REALLY want to work
The only downside is I might have to move into Wise hall... :( But it says people who are on the CAP program can live in other halls, they just would have to pay the rest of it. So I'm going to ask if maybe I could just work extra hours??? or I'm going to ask my mom if she can co-sign on a small loan.

Matt came back. He emailed me on my emich account, the one email I actually check like five times a day. I let him come back. He was going to visit. Holly, wanting to make sure I was making the right choice, texted him asking him lots of questions. He told her yes, he was using me. Which caused me to run up the stairs so I could reach my room and collapse on the floor so I could cry. After I calmed down, I started to pack and I told him to cut the crap because I knew he wasn't coming. He told me Holly said he should rot in hell. and that she said he should leave my life and never talk to me again. I figured it was just because I had ran upstairs in tears, but when Holly got up there she showed me the message that caused her to say what she said. She asked if he actually even cared about me and his reply was No, not really....not as a friend (I believe is what it said, but when I saw the no I started crying) I kind of already knew that he was using me, we had talked about it before, that we were using each other....but I always thought that he least some bit...but I guess I was wrong.

That same night Holly and I got in a huge fight. I'm not going to talk about here. But things are better now (I believe anyways) We exchanged some words last night... Actually I'm surprised an RA didn't knock on my door to tell us to quiet down since it's 24 hour quiet hours currently and I know we were yelling at some points.

My dad is getting me someone to talk to.... he asked me if I needed someone and at first I said no and then I changed my mind and told him that I did want to talk to someone but that I didn't know who. So we're going to get that taken care of once I go home.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Time sucks

Time is moving too fast. But at the same time it's moving too slow. Makes no sense right?
This semester is nearly done. I have a week left. Not even because I have one more class today, and then classes don't meet on Monday and Tuesday next week. So basically I have two more days of classes. Holy crap. I want this semester to end, but at the same time I really REALLY don't want it to. I am not ready to go home. I don't want to at all. I like it here, in fact I love it here, and I'm sad to lose that.

At the same time it's moving slowly.
For those of you who are my facebook friends,(which is probably all of On November 21st I decided it was time I moved on from Matt. (course this was the third time THIS semester, but we'll ignore that) Since then, it's been hard. Everyday is a struggle for me. And I hate it. I hate the struggle and the way that I feel most of the time. But at the same time I love it, because it's making me who I am, and each day that I succeed by not talking to him or looking at his web pages is an accomplishment and is bringing me one step closer to finally being over him.  I wish it was easier...mostly because I hate the constant fear I live in. I'm doing good, it's been two weeks, nearly three. But I'm terrified he's going to contact me and that I won't be strong enough to tell him to go away. I hate getting new facebook messages, because I'm constantly scared that it's him. But I'm dealing. I know a lot of people say its bad to count the days, or weeks since something, especially when that something is getting over someone, but I feel like it helps me. Each day that I succeed is me completing a goal. I feel that by keeping track of it pushes me forward and helps me keep going at this.

In other news, I hate winter. I hate snow and cold. The only part of winter I like is Christmas and that's cause, well it's Christmas, and also my birthday.

Now for a secret:

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I'm sorry

I suck at continually keeping something updated.
I've been busy and so I guess blogging just hasn't been the first thing on my mind. I guess it's a good thing I have no followers....

The postsecret event on Friday was great. Just what I expected. I didn't bring my camera because I knew they weren't allowed during the event, and I figured if I got a chance at photo my mom would have hers. Too bad the people at the Michigan theater didn't like the idea of him talking and socializing with every person in line. The whole thing was so impersonal and the only way I would have gotten my picture is if we had waited longer, but my mom was tired and had about an hour drive back with dropping me off and so we didn't.
I did however get his autograph!

The whole thing was great and I'm glad I got to go to it.

Yesterday I turned in my letter to housing requesting to break my contract. Now I just have to wait for them to email me with their decision. Jeremiah( the person I went to for all of this... he's idk what he is honestly) said it should take about a week, meaning I would get my answer next Tuesday. Even though on the paper it said all decisions were final he said he's never heard of not being able to try again. I hope it doesn't come to that. I'm not sure what other documentation to supply. I had both my parents write a letter. Then I had them rewrite them because well they sucked. My dad claimed his financial problems were not my school's business at which I told him it was because they don't exactly like it when people break their contracts. Imagine that. So I guess we'll see how that goes.

And now I've decided at the end of every post I'm going to post one secret that I have saved on my laptop.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Next semester

I took a little break from blogging, not intentionally, school work and figuring out what will happen next semester got in the way.
As it turns out I have to write a letter to housing explaining why I am no longer able to live on campus. I have to provide proof of my reasons and submit enough reasons as to why I cannot live there. They can deny me. Apparently they do deny people. I'm not really sure what happens if you get denied...
If I could live here I would, but I don't even have a choice in the matter.

I also don't know where I'm living next semester. I did say my moms, but my dad and I made up so I was going to live there because I have my own room, tivo, wireless internet, and free laundry. But he said we had to talk about it beforehand. I dunno.

My friend Ed can finally drive again....but now his breaks are acting up and the break light came on. We don't want to take a chance of me driving it and the breaks completely stop working causing me to crash. So I don't know if I will get my license by Christmas. My friend Jerry offered to take me driving when I wanted, but he drives an SUV/Truck thingy and I'm not sure I like that. I hate driving in my dad's because the truck is so huge and I was a lot more at ease in my mom's boyfriend's car.
That was a lot of fun. I was a little nervous at first, mostly because it's been awhile since I got to drive. But after going around my high school's parking lot a couple times we went out on the road. Ron said I did very well :D

In two days I'm going to a Postsecret event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am beyond excited. I've wanted to go to one since I discovered Postsecret. Haha, I was pissed for awhile because I discovered it about a month after he had come and done event at Eastern.

Speaking of Postsecret, I took the secrets off my door. I had nothing really to do, so I figured then was a good time, seeing as I only have 2 and a half weeks left here.... My door is so empty now, I hate it... :(
That's it for now :)