Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Things are getting there...

Last night after realizing that I absolutely had to change my schedule around because there would be no other way for me to get to school without Ryan, I struggled hard with what classes I wanted to take now. Sadly I had to drop my Intro to Creative Writing class. There were no other earlier openings that would fit Ryan's schedule, I have never been so sad to drop a class. Next I had to drop my Fundamentals of Speech class, and I was definitely not sadden by this, seeing as I only took the class because it's a gen. ed requirement and I wanted to get it out of the way. This dropped me down to 9 credits. I need 12 to stay on my fin. aid stuff. So I went searching through my list of classes I need for the next class to take. Now I'm taking Romantic Rebellion in Britain 1798-1832. Sounds like fun right?? I tried really hard to find one more class to take so I could keep my credits at 15, but no such luck. Lots of classes have already been completely filled up, or the spots open are not in the time slot that I need them to be.
I plan to get my license by Christmas. My permit expires December 28th, giving me almost exactly 30 days that I can practice. I'm not stupid and I know I can learn it. My friend Ed can drive again either on Thursday or on the 27th (I'm hoping Thursday but then he needs to get his car fixed so...) He already told me he would take me driving and when I pointed out to him that I would need to go driving absolutely every single day he said he knew and that we would. Of course, now that I'm living at home... I don't know. Perhaps we will go after my classes.
After I get my license however, I still will not have a car. I'm hoping I can find one for around 700-800 dollars. So if you know anyone who wants to sell their car for that price, let me know :)
With my new class schedule and not being able to find another class, it actually works out. I'm also on Federal work study, meaning I need to have a job on campus to keep that. Now, I don't actually need the work study next semester due to the fact the price of me going here is going to go down tons since I won't be living on campus. Originally I figured I would have to quit the job, because there would be no way that I could take 15 credit hours and work in the time frame of 11-3:30. But now I can keep it :) I'm going to be applying to the Krogers in Westland (once I figured out the address of my old work...) so that I have a good income (sorta) that I can save, and perhaps get a store credit card somewhere so I can build up a credit score so I won't run into this problem again.
I have a month left of living here on campus. I wish I had more. I really wish I didn't have to leave because I love living on campus. It's one of the reasons I chose to live here on campus even though I only live 30 minutes from campus. That and I didn't want to be at home anymore. I was sick of being at home. And now I'm losing that again.   I'm going to have to try very hard to be positive about this, and I've come up with some reasons as to why it's a good thing. 1. I'm going to have an oven, and a stove. Meaning if I suddenly want to bake something in the middle of the night I can. 2. I will no longer have to hear people above me/somewhere in the dorm (I'll explain that next) having constant sex. 3. I will have a TV! 4. I'll get home cooked meals again. So far that's all I've come up with.
On to the people who like to have sex. For the whole semester Holly and I have been hearing sex noises. In her room, the bathroom and sometimes in my room. It's annoying. It's distracting and it's literally every single day five time a day. (Not joking...wish I was) For the longest time we assumed it was the people in 217, as that is directly above Holly and made the most sense. Turns out, it's not. Last night they were going at it again and we decided to go tell the RA on duty, she didn't want to go break up sex so we went to an RA on the second floor. He knocked on there door, saying he was pretty sure it wasn't them. It completely wasn't. It may in fact be someone on OUR floor, and the sounds are coming through the vents. Wait...what??? Even though it sounds like it's directly above us it's not and the next time we hear sex noises we plan to go search out who in our floor is having sex all the fricken time.

In other news, my sunburn hurts really bad, and I have a paper to write. Actually I have two. I always put off things when I shouldn't, how about you?

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