Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My door

So here at college many people decorate their doors, generally with small things that represent who they are. Most are very simple and only take up a small area of the door. Not mine. I absolutely love the postsecret project. ("www.postsecret.com") Since finding out about it I have shared many secrets with strangers, and have had many secrets shared with me.
I have about 2,500 secrets saved my laptop. So I decided that I wanted to decorate my door with these postsecrets. So I went out and bought markers, index cards and two-sided tape. I picked out secrets that were shocking, funny, sad, and made sense to a reader without the picture that is on the postcard. I kept to my side of the door until Alanna told me I could decorate the whole door. Yay! About two days I had half the door covered. Then the weekend came so I had a lot of free time and really focused on getting the door completely covered. I was about a third of the way down when a girl asked me what I was doing. I told that these were secrets people had sent into someone and how he posts them on a website. She then asked me if she could post a secret on my door. Shocked I answered if she wanted.
I was so amazed that people actually wanted to share secrets on a door. So I moved the secrets around and created a space in the middle for people to share.

This is the top half of the door

 Middle of the door

This the bottom half of the door. The space with no secrets is because the way both Alanna and I open the door our feet kept hitting them and messing them up so I removed them all together.

This is my message to immature college students after getting some secrets written on or torn down.

These are secrets people have posted. At first I had one or two, and then suddenly more and more. And all of them are true heart-wrenching secrets. (Most of them...my friends like to put funny ones up) I was surprised at the fact people actually posted such sad secrets on the door.

This is one of the first things I put up on my door because I thought it was a great way of describing what postsecret is.

So that is my door.
Do you have a secret to share?

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