Monday, November 9, 2009

Money Issues

As some of my friends may know, there is a possibility of me not attending Eastern in the winter. I desperately hope this doesn't happen because I would hate to 1) have to live at home again 2) Get behind a whole semester and 3) Be miserable because I wasn't at school doing what I want to do in life.
The reason for this possibility is because I am currently 4,500 dollars for next semester. Originally, I was 2,250 short per semester because neither one of my parents could take on the parent loan. My father told me he would co-sign on a loan for me for winter semester, so I called Eastern's financial aid and explained my situation and they happily transferred over enough funds from my loans into the fall semester so I could attend. Now, it's November, and winter semester is fast approaching. Both my mom and I have been trying to find me a loan that I can take on myself without a co-signer and that won't require me to make payments on the interest while going to school. So far, nothing has come up, expect for one that already denied me, probably because of my lack of credit history.

I called my father to get on him about co-signing for me as he said he would. He's now refusing to do what he told me he would. After many words, mostly cruel on my part, I told him he had just ruined my life.
Now, perhaps I was being a bit dramatic because I can always go home, get a job and save up for the upcoming years of college. The thing is I don't want to do that. I don't want to go home and then basically have to start all over next year

Here I am trying to better my life and go to college, and I can't because he won't co-sign and I can't get a loan by myself. He calls my mom selfish, because she will (hopefully) be signing on a house soon, and needs a perfect credit score. Some people will probably agree with him, but I consider her trying to better her life, for herself, and my sister. Both her and I want to have a better life and yet neither one of us can because of him.
As of now, I am unsure what will happen for winter semester, but desperately hope I will still be able to attend Eastern.

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