Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I told you I sucked at regularly updating things.

So I'm about a month into the semester now and I can't believe it. I hate that time moves so fast.
So here is what has happened since I last wrote...
I joined a dating website. I was bored one day and a commercial came on and since I didn't really feel like paying just because I was bored I went on google and typed in free dating websites. The first one to come up was so I joined.
And I had some pretty horrible luck. First guy I talked to ended up being a dick, and ended up standing me up because he didn't want to lower his standards. Second guy, everything seemed to be going okay and then out of no where he texts me saying he didn't think it was the right time in his life to be in a relationship. Which is fine expect for the fact that he told me he wanted us to move into a long-term relationship.... yeahhhh whatever.
I was pretty much going to abandon the site because it wasn't working out for me and I only did it because I was bored but I decided not to. Then I updated my profile, which apparently really works cause I got 19 views in one day. So I guess I'll keep the site around a little longer lol

Classes are pretty good, work is alright, I just don't like working for 8 hours. The people I work with are pretty cool too :)
Every two weeks I meet with my academic adviser. I've only gone twice so far but it seems to be going okay.

Valentine's Day is coming up...oh joy. I'm hoping this years is a lot better than last.

I haven't written crap on my story...which makes me sad. I wrote two new scenes to it but I have a lot more to write before I can even add them in.  I just can't write anymore to get to the point, which I would explain but I would sound crazy so I won't.
That's all for now

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