Friday, January 8, 2010

Same school, different room, new job, new classes...well sorta

I probably should post more often, but sometimes I'm just to lazy or have nothing to talk about...
The semester started on Wednesday, and I got ready for another semester at Eastern.
I switched rooms before break ended, so now I'm living in Wise instead of Best. The reason being is I'm on CAP and CAP people live in Wise unless they can cover the difference of price...which I can't. Being on CAP means I work in Dining and they pay for my room and board. I work at Freshens (smoothie place) three days a week and then Wrap it up (sandwich place) on Fridays. It's cool so far. I like working at Freshens cause it's easy for me since I worked at an ice cream place for 4 years.
Funny story! My unit manger Paul lives in Westland, AND he goes to the Mickey's I work at! Haha, we were laughing about it today. I've probably waited on him before. Small world huh?
With the new semester comes new classes...for me it's sorta. Because of my 1.25 GPA I am on academic probation, I'm not happy about it. I have to take over the two classes I failed.
My room is cool...I'm having trouble sleeping though it might just be because I don't have a fan. Wise is cool...but I really miss living at Best. Roommate is really cool.

That's all for now. Oh, I have a new obsession you should click on the link and ask me questions :)

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