Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Years!

Let me first start out by saying, Thank god! I don't think I've ever wanted a year to end more.
Every year I make new years resolutions and every year I fail, miserably at accomplishing them. For example a couple I had for the year of 2009 was to get over him. Obviously, that didn't happen. Another was start working out. Hmm...yeah not so much. Another was ACTUALLY FINISH A STORY I START (sorry for caps) didn't happen. At all. Not even close. Another was be nicer to my sister. It's a little bit horrible that Alyssa and I don't have the sisterhood bond my mom so desperately wants us to have, but we just don't... Though I am happy to say that since being away at college we are slightly nicer to each other, so I guess I can consider that goal completed. Another was smile more. I'm not sure if I completed this one. I know I attempted to, really, but I probably didn't do such a good job.

Last year I shot for the stars with my goals. I was confident I would do them and suddenly become this better person. This year I'm being more realistic with my resolutions.

This year they are
  • Raise my lousy 1.25 GPA to AT least a 3.0 
  • Work on my current novel more. Attempt to finish it
  • Work out more (I swear! I'll do it this time)
  • Get license! (Hey...this was on there last year too...oops)
I can only hope this year will be better than last. I'm not making a resolution to get over him because it puts more pressure on it. I know I need to. I want to. I'm trying. I'm hoping by the end of the year, heck I'm hoping for the middle of the year to be over him.

Here's to the new year and new changes!

What are you're resolutions?

Secret: I actually want to be with someone who TRULY cares about me and ACTUALLY knows what the hell they want in life, and isn't constantly changing their mind. You aren't that. You never will be, and never were.

Secret from this new site I found

13950.) I wish you'd get over yourself and stop acting like a child. You get on my nerves and you need to grow up. The world doesn't revolve around you. Get over yourself.

And finally a secret from postsecret: 

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